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License has expired

License has expired
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License has expired

You can update DirectAdmin License manually, by following some related commands. Your IP should equal to  the IP in the DirectAdmin License.  if your DirectAdmin License has been expired. In this situation, you should login to your client’s server and do related configuration for renewing license. one of the frequently asked question , is DirectAdmin License include installation process? In response, DirectAdmin License does  not have installation and configuration process. DirectAdmin License expired which shows by this massage “License has expired“ in this situation you should reset your server license and update it. 

Sometimes installation file of DirectAdmin License face to problem in verification which shows the massage “License Verification Failed” . checking host ID can be a nice action in regard to fix the problem. After completing the process of activating license file, you receive two mail in regards, one comprises installation information, another email has the license file in attachment.  If you enter the wrong email address, you can correct it by clicking on the manage product. The DirectAdmin License file include a serial number of product and the version control which appears in big number. In any regarded errors you can inform us for getting related help and tips.